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The Brazilian Gigantic Fly

Due to the lack of comments in the later posts, I decided it was time for some sensationalism. Many of you might wonder what kind of little animals we have in a tropical country such as Brazil. The heat, combined with a generous quantity of food has made the evolution line go in rather strange directions, for some species.

It is the case of the GIGANTIC ANTROPOPHAGIC FLY, shown in the picture bellow. Those gargantuan monsters come out of hollow trees in springtime to feed upon living creatures. They find human flesh to be particularly tasty! Its favoured habitat is the Central Plateau, specially around the capital, Brasília. One must be very careful this time of the year as not to leave windows or doors open, and not to leave between 5AM - 10 AM; their feeding time. Cases of people waking up with an arm missing are not uncommon during this season. I heard a team from the Discovery Channel tried to film those things but they were all devoured. Nothing but bones remained.

In order to take this picture, I had to disguise myself as a cactus.

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Here is a very rare sight of a GIGANTIC FLY. I took a photo of an Oompa-Loompa who works with me to compare sizes.

Ok... So... This is not really a Gigantic Fly. Tatiana, a friend of mine who is very interested on cicadas (also known as locusts and harvest flies, measuring about 10 cm) brought up the idea of writing about it, after we talked a long time about the noisy creature on MSN...
Today, I woke up at 5h30 with the first rays of the sun and a cicada's orchestra. One cannot imagine how noisy they are untill they sleep in a building surrounded by trees crawling with those bugs!
I believe cicadas to be the second dumbest creature to live, losing the first place to a suicidal insect called "Hallellujah" here in Brazil (maybe I will write something about them in the near future). Cicadas are fat, big, noisy and extremely awkward. They fly untill they hit some stupid wall and then scream untill death... Now how's that for a lifetime?
Before I finish, I just want to point out that Gigantic Flies do not exist. Neither do the Oompa-Loompas.

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Tati disse...

Querido amigo Rafa, nossa conversa rendeu um texto muitoo bacana. Adorei!! Confesso que a foto é asquerosa, feia e horrível que me faz lembrar da casca que o Rodrigo jogou em mim!
Valeu pelo texto! Fico feliz por ter dado essa idéia mirabolante de você escrever sobre as cigarras!
Te adoro demais! Beijos e até os próximos textos e comentários!!!!

Tati Apoliano

Cristianne disse...

Lovely Cousin,
To be very honesty I don’t like flies, they are simply annoying creatures to humans but the cicadas are not too bad. They are ugly but quite useful.I remember that in Rio de Janeiro where I use to live before, when people could hear them singing for sure the day after was going to rain, rarely failed. Interesting to notice that it always worked better them any weather reports.
Good job Rapha,You had a very original idea !
By the way , your english is perfect , better than mine!
Miss you. Kisses & Hugs
Cristianne Diak

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